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Recent Half-Baked Remarks

Sunny Side Down <no email address> -- 09/26/01 -- 03:31:37

You know you are a lousy cartoonist when you draw 3-minute doodles in MSPaint, make painful color schemes in Frontpage and slop it together as a "web comic." Jesus, this horrid crap makes Family Circus seem funny (well, it would take a couple of beers and a Marks-a-Lot pen, but...). If you're thinking of becoming a famous cartoonist, well, don't quit your day job, sonny.

compuhater <> -- 05/01/01 -- 12:34:06


slim shady <bsoaf1_walker@banffandbuchan.> -- 02/18/01 -- 08:28:46

my com always legle operstation from slim shady

Putertater <> -- 10/26/00 -- 22:35:59

I know I am a computer potatoe when I have my e-mails pertaining to putertater..... also.....

dee cordova <> -- 09/13/00 -- 01:34:08

you know when you're a compuPotato when picking up the mouse when answering the phone... great stuff in here, keep it up and more power...

Bill <> -- 08/07/00 -- 05:48:02

I've just designed a computer table that will turn your desktop into your home laptop and am glad to find all you existing compupotato's out there. There is hope yet! Bill

Jerome <> -- 05/14/00 -- 09:42:51

This was the dumbest site i ever went to don't make another one you penis Jerome

François HAYS <> -- 05/02/00 -- 06:49:28

You know you're a compuPotato when changing your e-mail adress seems to be more complicated than moving from Paris to New-York. François "new potato in town" HAYS.

Steve <> -- 01/17/00 -- 16:23:07

You know you're a computato when you program in more languages than you speak. You also know you're a computater when you know how to make forms display in bold, italics, or underlined font.

ComedyMatt <> -- 01/01/00 -- 11:38:07

You Know You Are a CompuPotato When you can think of at least four CPU jokes...

Nelson Cunha <> -- 12/20/99 -- 09:43:13

very good site .. haaa haaah haaahaaa

broose <> -- 12/10/99 -- 14:06:26

after spending 8 hours at work in front of your terminal, you race home to spend another 8 hours online

STIBS <> -- 12/07/99 -- 14:38:16

Hehe we laughed alot! Greetings from East-Germany, we wish you a merry xmas and we will visit this page once a week for new cartoons !

Tabetha <> -- 12/05/99 -- 21:36:31

you know you are a compuPotato when friends and family send phone messages through your email address.

Jayson <> -- 11/09/99 -- 08:28:28

Hi. I think your potato cartoons suck. You should try to find something worth showing on the net. Don't do those gay little cartoons ever again

Sterling Allan <> -- 11/04/99 -- 07:56:51

Error 404 message that comes up at ( ) "Error 404 Foretold in the Bible" Word 404 in Greek New Testament lexicon = 'refresh.' Word 404 in Hebrew Old Testament dictionary = 'impel on'

WaCkO (Tm) <> -- 10/10/99 -- 02:10:34

You just simply know when you are a compugeek when you are in a passigners (sic) seat and bust out your Toshiba T1000 Laptop, turn on your Amatur radio and send a CQ for six hours while on a long-distance trip...

Nonna <> -- 09/25/99 -- 12:16:31

You know your a compu-tater...when your neighbors hears you fighting with your wife & broke the Vase on here head

JONI <BAMBA07@AOL.COM> -- 09/14/99 -- 07:24:54


H Richer <> -- 09/01/99 -- 15:48:31

When you worked all day on you office computer and when finally at home, just to relax, you have fun on your PC. Hélène richer

cmtvsmith <> -- 07/26/99 -- 11:22:49

great site!

Vance Gillette <> -- 07/19/99 -- 22:41:33

You know your a computer potato when you choose for your domain!! Vance Gillette Compotato Enterprises

Bev <Lady31445@AOL.COM> -- 07/17/99 -- 11:33:47

you know you're a compupotato when you sit down to write a letter and it's in computer language. ***************************** U know u r a compupotato when u sit down 2 write a letter and u write it in computer language.

kinkd <> -- 06/28/99 -- 21:13:11

Dear whoever, Your things cool. Send me some. You have some pretyy funny things on this web site!

kinkd <> -- 06/28/99 -- 21:12:48

Dear whoever, Your things cool. Send me some.

hazzbaby <> -- 06/10/99 -- 21:41:15

okay potato heads, you are a compu-potato when your cats start to type on the keyboard and to chat with someone who is cat literate... LOL

Rex <> -- 06/06/99 -- 23:28:12

YOu know you're a computater when you spend over half an hour reading messages on a web page that are over a week old!!!

St.Virus <> -- 05/24/99 -- 07:38:58

You know you are a computater when you look for the Ctrl-Alt-Delete buttons while talking to stupid people....

arky <> -- 05/21/99 -- 18:46:14

i guess after only 2 months on my comp.i am already a computater.i read every one.neat place,even for grandmas.thx.arky

rob zseleczky <> -- 05/21/99 -- 13:11:11

you say more via e-mail in one hour than you say face to face in one week.

Kevlar <> -- 05/12/99 -- 17:12:46

You know you're a compu-tater when..... you get depressed when you have no e-mail ;-( Kevlar

Kevlar <> -- 05/12/99 -- 17:11:14

You know you're a Compu-tater when.....people ask you for your home address and you give your URL ( Kevlar <sabula-dakota200> -- 04/11/99 -- 14:59:36

You know you're a computerspud when in the middle of the night on the to the bathroom you check your e-mail

Shari <> -- 04/08/99 -- 08:11:43

I Love The Lord My God and My Desire Is That Everyone Knows How Much Jesus Loves and Cares For Them He Didn't Hang There For Nothing He Did It So Everyone Would Know His Love For Them and Live Forever

Jerry L. Williams <JWilli2432@AOL.COM> -- 04/07/99 -- 18:42:53

No bright lights, no traffic, no loud noises, no foul weather, and not very far from the refrig. Personally I can't think of a better place to be nearly all the time. Jerry

Jacques <> -- 04/03/99 -- 06:57:03

...when the police try to fingerprint you... and your index comes out in one big blotch!

Carmen <> -- 04/02/99 -- 19:45:07

Kewl place to hang out!

Josie <> -- 04/02/99 -- 16:35:27

You know you're a computer potato when you get up from the computer chair and can't walk cause your legs have gone to sleep.

Carol <> -- 04/01/99 -- 17:02:15

i know i am compupotato when i send my own children a card saying i miss you and love you and send it e-mail and they live at home with me.

Nasuha <> -- 03/31/99 -- 01:01:43

I really enjoyed visiting your site

susan <> -- 03/28/99 -- 12:08:29

you know when your a computer potato when you finially stand up and the chair is a permanet part of your backside.

Valerie <> -- 03/26/99 -- 17:37:11

You know you are a Compupotato when you spend time reading all the other remarks- LOL.

Brat <> -- 03/26/99 -- 13:36:08

My kind of place........I felt so }8->

Sunshine <> -- 03/24/99 -- 15:15:21

You know you're potato when the people at work notice the indents from sleeping with thy 'puter. Sharp edges and all....

dillo <> -- 03/11/99 -- 22:57:11

you know you are a compupotato when you ask for a browser for surfing your newspaper.bye.

PrettyWoman <> -- 03/09/99 -- 12:17:27

You know you are a couchpotatoe when you talk or chat on the comp more than you do the phone.....

Frog <> -- 03/09/99 -- 08:25:09

It works for me.

Redwolf <> -- 03/06/99 -- 16:59:52

You know you are a CompuPotato, if you return your e-mail faster then your voice mail. (that is if you return you voice mail at all)

Redwolf <> -- 03/06/99 -- 16:57:48

You may be a computer-potato if you return your e-mail faster then your voice mail. (that is if you return you voice mail at all)

Janny <> -- 03/06/99 -- 15:51:27

hahaha ! ^o^ HeyHO! fellow comPKentangs!! (Kentang = potato in Indonesian) This is a neat page and hey u`know waz another good sign that u`re one hell of a compotatoes? U treat ur compie like a person and say "please be nice" when they froze in the middle of ur chat session.

LIL~PEP <> -- 02/27/99 -- 22:30:09

u know ur a computater when ur spouse says he wants to buy another puter so he can talk to u.

MR. POTATO HEAD <ME> -- 02/02/99 -- 07:47:23


Luis <> -- 01/28/99 -- 05:36:26

Nice site, theis is a very cool site...8-))))) You know you're a CompuPotato when you put the fotos of your children in the icons of your desktop to remember ther faces... sorry for my inglish....

Tiago Caetano <> -- 01/20/99 -- 06:33:29

Going to get back for more...

SAMI <> -- 01/17/99 -- 22:13:58

haaaaa haaaaa heeeee heeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morty <> -- 01/16/99 -- 17:52:34

You know your a CompuPotato when you & your friends leave a party early so you can go home and get online to "chat".

Kitty Klaws <> -- 01/12/99 -- 21:21:31

You know your a putertater when you sign your checks and letters with >"."< or you turn your head sideways to smile :)

Blue <> -- 01/08/99 -- 11:30:33

Nice Site I enjoyed the jokes.

StealTH Daemon VIRUS <StealTH@Daemon.VRS> -- 01/04/99 -- 01:26:18

Nice Site.....and u will know that ur a compupotato when ur PII 455mhz 128 SDRAMS could not load ur taskbar anymore cuz uve filled ur pewter with all sort of neat and kewl progs. hehe....have PUN

Pablo <> -- 12/25/98 -- 19:54:38

You know you're a CompuTater when it takes your new Pentium (TM)300 MZ 5 minutes to open your "bookmark" files. (I timed mine) Pablo

CoLo <whatever@loser.duh> -- 12/22/98 -- 15:03:08

Hey! This is really cute! You also know you're a computer potatoe if you check your mail and it says "NO NEW MAIL" so you check it again. =D I'm very used to seeing my mom do that! Great page; C-ya!

Taca <tanjar@beotel.yu> -- 12/16/98 -- 05:02:56

I love my computer,he is my food.

Sam <> -- 11/29/98 -- 11:25:50

You know you're a CompuPotato When you write phone numbers and you put @ instead of - (dash) and when you take a cab, the driver asks you for your address and your give him your home page URL.

gordie <> -- 10/22/98 -- 16:42:27

you know that you're a Compuspud when the phone rings and rings because the right button on your mouse doesn't boot to the phone for some reason. See ya'll tater!

Barb <> -- 10/21/98 -- 06:30:34

You know you're a computato when you grow eyes all over and each one sees in pixels!

King Spud <> -- 10/18/98 -- 08:38:21

You know your a compu-tater...when your neighbors have to let you know when to cut your grass, cause you've only been outside three times this year, and it's mid August

Pablo <> -- 10/09/98 -- 14:52:37

You know you're a CompuTater when it takes your Pentium 300, 7 minutes to open your bookmarks.

WEBSURFER <websurfer@yupimail> -- 10/02/98 -- 12:39:38

You know you're a CompuPotato when you receive an email from your wife asking for divorce

Gary <> -- 09/16/98 -- 07:40:07

You know you've been a compupotato when u look for a shutdown button on your tv remote control.

Pete <Feld_P@SPCVXA.SPC.EDU> -- 05/22/98 -- 13:07:51

Nice HTML... If you like the techno... Consider converting to Geek Orthodox I think you'll like it!

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