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You know you are a CompuPotato if you are too hot to handle.

If you go potty at 3 am and you check your might be a computater........

You know you are a CompuPotato when give yourself the nick Potato in another language so no one will figure out that you are a potatohead. (Pratie means's Irish, I'm not!)

You know you're a compu-potato when you have friends all over the world and you haven't seen your neighbors in two months

You know your a CompuPotato when... your monitor has a mount for your salt shaker and not speakers!

You know you're a CompuPotato if you build a website like this..... you know you're a CompuPotato if you write something to websites like this..... you know you're a CompuPotato if you read the contents of websites like this.... you know you're a CompuPotato if you are still reading this message.....

You know your a compuPotato when you have to draw straws to see who gets to use the computer first.

You know when... you email your boss to call off sick.

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