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Computer Pinata with accessories$ 39.95
Wel.Com Door Mat$ 29.99
Computer Wizard in Solid Pewter$ 36.00
Computer Dragon in solid Pewter$ 39.99
Betty Boop at Computer$ 20.00
Betty Boop with Laptop ShelfSitter$ 14.00
Cat at Computer with Dangling Mouse Pin$ 29.99
Cat at Computer Earrings$ 32.00
Cat at Computer Pin$ 29.99
Cat at Computer Pendant w/ Chain$ 35.00
14K Gold Computer Pendant$ 59.00
Silver Computer Pendant with chain$29.99
Computer Shaped Sugar Cookies - 1 tin$45.00
Computer Shaped Sugar Cookies - 2 tins$85.00
Computer Shaped Sugar Cookies - 3 tins$129.00
Computer Shaped Sugar Cookies - 4 tins$169.00
Computer Shaped Sugar Cookies - 5 tins$199.00
Circuit Board CD Carry Case $ 14.95
Circuit Board Mousepad$ 15.00
Circuit Board CD Clock $ 17.95
Circuit Board Clip Board $ 15.00
Not Tonight Dear... Book$ 6.95
User Friendly Kid T-shirt$ 9.95