Fan Mail from our customers!

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Just had to tell you - too cool.



Dear Tina:

Confirming the email address for the card recipient: it's fine!
I checked out the site and it's GREAT. Thank you so much!
This is a brother with whom I have not spoken for 20 years,
and this electronic card hits just the right tone as we
try to heal our relationship. (We found each other on the
Net, so it's an appropriate metaphor.)

Thanks again -- I'll tell everyone I know about you! Cindy, MA

Dear Cybercal:

This is the third greeting I have ordered from you.
I think you guys are great!

Molly, Florida

I recently ordered a birthday web site for my brother.
I wasn't sure if it would work out (because I ordered it online)
but it was the best present he received! It lasts for a
month and his friends can sign on and leave a message for him...
it is such an amazing idea! I'm glad someone thought of it!
I will continue to order products (and online greetings)
from "Cybercalifragilistic"...It is a great company!!!
Thanks again!!! :) Jennifer Gough

Thanks for the terrific greeting for Tiny.
It's going to be a great story.
Thanks guys,
Rob Bernstein, Internet Underground

Dear Cybercal Team,
Thanks once again, the gift has been received. Everyone happy...and laughing.

This sure beats driving to the store and desperately
searching for the right card!

Dear Cybercal,

Your greeting service was the perfect gift for my last minute birthday dilemma and my sis being halfway across the world on military assignment. Your card descriptions, web page layout and ordering instructions are excellent.

Thanks! Cynthia

Dear Cybercal,

The web page looks great! I ran around my office, showing everyone.
My Dad will love it!


Thank you very much.
The custom card is wonderful and my wife will love it very much!!
Please keep me on your mailing list.